Welcome to AGAMEDE, a center of natural therapies in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid which offers a range of personalised therapies including hatha yoga classes and psychotheraphy.

The oldest form of excercise, yoga strengthens the body, relaxes the mind, and enlightens your life.


Begin a voyage of self-discovery and emotional well-being, psychotherapy will help you to recover your internal balance.


Homeopathic medicine integrates physical, mental, and emotional dimensions.


An ancient practice which calms the mind and awakens your conscience.


The oldest therapy to provide relief from pain and tension.


Care for your skin and discover your beauty with natural products of the highest quality which are untested on animals.

Natural Cosmetics

Nature has the power to restore your health whilst respecting your body and increasing your vitality.

Agamede - Alcalá 96, 4°, Madrid